The Facility developed to provide Blueberry processing services, it is located on RUTA 5 SUR , near the city of Los Angeles.

Packing with more than 10 years of experience in the selection of fruit, where it has evolved over time according to the requirements of the main markets where our country has a treaty for the shipment of fresh fruit.

We have all the service to ensure the good result of the operation from the transport of the orchard to packing, reception, packaging, consolidation and shipment. The packing is designed to provide services in the following packaging : Bulk, 125g (4.4oz) 6oz , 1P, 18oz (8x-12x) among many requered packaging.  We have trained personnel to respond to all the requirements of our clients, keeping them informed in each part of the process in which they are your fruit.

The packinghouse  has certifications that allow our clients to reach the most demanding markets which ensure a better result for their business, being able to pack organic (ECOCERT) and conventional fruit ( PRIMUS GFS).

Phones: (+56) 42 2212163   I   (+56) 42 2292138

Address: Claudio Arrau 177, Chillán. Chile